Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hospital Camping

As we prepared our 6 week old son (and our family) for the event that is SURGERY, we came upon a neat idea (though we weren't the first to think of it).

If we have to spend several days to a week at the hospital, why don't we take the travel trailer there and stay in that.

It makes sense because:

  • When Mom and Dad change shifts, there is no 22 mile drive.
  • Ethan's sister can be a part of the action rather than pawned off.
  • It is cheaper than a hotel.
  • We already have the trailer.
  • Food is cheaper in the trailer.
  • I've got a plug in to power the laptop.

As it turns out, our idea is not new. Other folks have been doing it so often that the hospital here in Portland has crafted four RV spaces for families of patients to use.

The surgery is at 7ish tomorrow morning (the 14th of June). I will try to post some results mid afternoon if I get a chance.


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