Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ethan update (another one)


It's been six days when we thought it would be two or three. We are fraying on the edges of sanity.

On Saturday, Ethan's incision began to leak Cerebral Spinal Fluid. The leak persisted; even subsequent to an extra stitch and the next day a tap to reduce the volume under his skin (I know I am not giving enough info, but...).

The flow didn't stop, so early this morning, the plan was changed. He had a second surgery at 11 am. His neurosurgeon was all smiles and accomplishment when we spoke to her after the surgery. We'll see, but we are hoping and praying for the best.

Wow. Live blogging from a hospital room. Neat, huh. The wonders of cellular technology (yes, you can use cell phones most places in a hospital now).

So, we are looking at getting out of the hospital in the next few days.

Let me say, FedEx is a great company. With one phone call, I have all the time I need to get this handled. It seems that most companies would do the same, but it is nice to have that kind of treatment (even though I'm still a 13 digit number).

Oh, and I'm employee of the month for my department in Portland for June (that was fast).


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