Sunday, May 21, 2006

As someone who enjoys firing a nice assault weapon from time to time...

I am somewhat flummoxed by the dwindling availability (at gun shows and elsewhere) of reload, surplus and factory new .223 ammunition (for you mil folks, that is 5.56).

A friend of a friend (who owns a gun shop) noted that the price of brass has gone up 40% recently.

Hmmm... The US military uses that caliber in large quantities and doesn't police up their brass when in theater. Apparently, the Israelly ammo isn't being used anymore. Also, who knows if we are replenishing our stocks.

I'm down to under 2000 rounds, and this is starting to concern me. At least I've got a few other weapons to switch to if need be (for plinking, mind you).

The Springfield M1A is my new favorite. That thing doesn't move much, and the round flies straight quite a ways. It feels really solid.

Anyone out there have an idea why the supply has dropped off?


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