Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yep... That is 100 percent pure snow!

10:19 pm out the front of our home here in Hillsboro. I've lucked out by having some time off work coinciding with the icky weather.

Happy thoughts and prayers for all the other drivers that must work all through it.

This photo and post brought to you by my cell phone.

Argh. The photo didn't get over to the post. I'll find it. Spank it. Post it. Back later.


At Fri Mar 10, 07:39:00 AM, Blogger bananzattack said...

wow it's snowing there? wow.

i just found your comment about us having the same phone. haha! that's pretty incredible!
i googled that accessory but i didn't find much. i'll have to do more research, because i really do want that now! thanks for the advice! enjoy the weather.


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