Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uh Oh. Somebody is in T R O U B L E !

I read about this weeks ago.

The sources said that Ferrari owner Stefan Eriksson and the other man in the car, identified by authorities as Trevor Karney, had a video camera rolling as they raced on Pacific Coast Highway on the morning of Feb. 21 at speeds in excess of 162 mph.

Go check out the whole story, it looks like this guy is in for some rough water.

Thanks Drudge, for the link. I don't get into the LA Times much (by choice).

Final thought: As someone with my own FastPast, even I can see that this guy is an idiot with an immortality complex. From the photo, it looks like physics and luck are not mutually exclusive.

UPDATE: Check out this story. It gives a bit more info on the likely criminal stuff that was going on. Amazing.

Brooks said that investigation also revealed that in September, Eriksson had brought two Ferrari Enzos into the country in San Diego -- one a red one and the other a black one. He also brought in a Mercedes SLR, a $600,000 vehicle.

Brooks said that the red Ferrari and the Mercedes have since been described as stolen, because the initial down payment on them was allegedly a fraudulent one through a company owned by Carl Freer.

And the capper?

Brooks told ABC7 that if it is determined that Eriksson was indeed the Ferrari driver, the most he could be charged with is possibly misdemeanor DUI and reckless driving, along with providing false information to authorities.

Yup. Misdemeanor. Except for the grand theft angle.


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