Friday, March 24, 2006

For the record, I'm not dead. Just really busy...

Hey all,

I'm having trouble staying up on the news and the like right now. We are weeks away from the new family member and work is short on days off right now.

Here's something else going on:

I took a book that I've been trying to read for two years. Flyboys is the book, and it is non-fiction about Navy flyers (mostly) in WWII. The focus is on brutality by both sides when Prisoners were captured. It is a very difficult read, but I would recommend it. The most known part of this story, although not completely on the lines of the prisoner focus, was the recounting of George H W Bush and his being shot down over Chi Chi Jima.

I don't think the book is for historical strategists, except as it may provide some context for decisions on both sides in the war in the Pacific.

Once you get through the first 150 pages, it will keep you in your seat and on the edge (sometimes ready to vomit).

I'll write more when I get time.


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