Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dangerously Incompetent

Thanks to Human Events for the photo. I've seen this thing everywhere, but suddenly, nowhere. Serious chuckles for how that looks.

Well, on to my comments. Yesterday, while poking through the cable channels in a motel in Spokane Washington, I stopped for just an instant (well, more like a few minutes) on CSPAN.

Senator Stabenow (now wearing a different pants suit and sans the embarrassing sign) was further spouting off on her objections to the Bush Administration. I wish I had a TIVO or a transcript. She acknowledged in typical bland Senate language that she had supported tax cuts for about a third of the former "surplus" to help the economy.

And I thought, huh? You did? The democrat line back then was that a tax cut of $300 dollars wouldn't even buy a muffler. I remember. Well, if she supported a smaller tax cut to help the economy, then how is it that the larger one did not help the economy.

This, of course, is on the floor of the Senate one day prior to record stock indexes.

I can see a good economy from my seat in the semi I drive every night. It is busy. Despite the Bush fuel prices (humor).

Eh, I am sick of thinking about Democrap for a while. I was just astonished to hear from someone with a KoolAid Grape tongue that tax cuts help the economy.


At Tue Apr 18, 07:16:00 PM, Blogger adron_bh said...

Tax cuts don't help the economy?

You must have missed economics 101. When they are only in the 5-10% bracket they have little effect, but when increasing they have a drastic effect. It's been measured many times.

...and just to note, a large part of the current economic go get em' juice is from the tax cuts. sans the recent tech sector increases.

...on another note... the gas prices are already freaking subsidized by the "free road" you drive on...

Just had to throw some logic in there for the entry.


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