Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In truth, I had already found some of this distastful...BUT!!!

Michelle Malkin: Posts a photo taken from one of the "Mexico" rallies.

What has been done is so backwards (and upside down) that I almost wonder if it could be a setup. Who would be that dumb...?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

For the record, I'm not dead. Just really busy...

Hey all,

I'm having trouble staying up on the news and the like right now. We are weeks away from the new family member and work is short on days off right now.

Here's something else going on:

I took a book that I've been trying to read for two years. Flyboys is the book, and it is non-fiction about Navy flyers (mostly) in WWII. The focus is on brutality by both sides when Prisoners were captured. It is a very difficult read, but I would recommend it. The most known part of this story, although not completely on the lines of the prisoner focus, was the recounting of George H W Bush and his being shot down over Chi Chi Jima.

I don't think the book is for historical strategists, except as it may provide some context for decisions on both sides in the war in the Pacific.

Once you get through the first 150 pages, it will keep you in your seat and on the edge (sometimes ready to vomit).

I'll write more when I get time.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uh Oh. Somebody is in T R O U B L E !

I read about this weeks ago.

The sources said that Ferrari owner Stefan Eriksson and the other man in the car, identified by authorities as Trevor Karney, had a video camera rolling as they raced on Pacific Coast Highway on the morning of Feb. 21 at speeds in excess of 162 mph.

Go check out the whole story, it looks like this guy is in for some rough water.

Thanks Drudge, for the link. I don't get into the LA Times much (by choice).

Final thought: As someone with my own FastPast, even I can see that this guy is an idiot with an immortality complex. From the photo, it looks like physics and luck are not mutually exclusive.

UPDATE: Check out this story. It gives a bit more info on the likely criminal stuff that was going on. Amazing.

Brooks said that investigation also revealed that in September, Eriksson had brought two Ferrari Enzos into the country in San Diego -- one a red one and the other a black one. He also brought in a Mercedes SLR, a $600,000 vehicle.

Brooks said that the red Ferrari and the Mercedes have since been described as stolen, because the initial down payment on them was allegedly a fraudulent one through a company owned by Carl Freer.

And the capper?

Brooks told ABC7 that if it is determined that Eriksson was indeed the Ferrari driver, the most he could be charged with is possibly misdemeanor DUI and reckless driving, along with providing false information to authorities.

Yup. Misdemeanor. Except for the grand theft angle.

Dangerously Incompetent

Thanks to Human Events for the photo. I've seen this thing everywhere, but suddenly, nowhere. Serious chuckles for how that looks.

Well, on to my comments. Yesterday, while poking through the cable channels in a motel in Spokane Washington, I stopped for just an instant (well, more like a few minutes) on CSPAN.

Senator Stabenow (now wearing a different pants suit and sans the embarrassing sign) was further spouting off on her objections to the Bush Administration. I wish I had a TIVO or a transcript. She acknowledged in typical bland Senate language that she had supported tax cuts for about a third of the former "surplus" to help the economy.

And I thought, huh? You did? The democrat line back then was that a tax cut of $300 dollars wouldn't even buy a muffler. I remember. Well, if she supported a smaller tax cut to help the economy, then how is it that the larger one did not help the economy.

This, of course, is on the floor of the Senate one day prior to record stock indexes.

I can see a good economy from my seat in the semi I drive every night. It is busy. Despite the Bush fuel prices (humor).

Eh, I am sick of thinking about Democrap for a while. I was just astonished to hear from someone with a KoolAid Grape tongue that tax cuts help the economy.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Buy Borden! Buy Starkist!

Bird Flu Update compliments of Instapundit.

OK. It isn't mentioned in the article, but does the head of the HHS have a stake in BIG milk or BIG tuna?

My question does not mean that I am without concern; as a matter of fact, with a newborn on the way I am particularly concerned.

Maybe I will buy their stocks and their products.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I would not could not with a goat...but (pun intended)?

Wow. Someone defends their word usage.

Yeah. Glenn would offer a Heh!

I may start borrowing the reference.

Hat tip to Blackfive.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yep... That is 100 percent pure snow!

10:19 pm out the front of our home here in Hillsboro. I've lucked out by having some time off work coinciding with the icky weather.

Happy thoughts and prayers for all the other drivers that must work all through it.

This photo and post brought to you by my cell phone.

Argh. The photo didn't get over to the post. I'll find it. Spank it. Post it. Back later.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I thought the mountain snow would be the exciting part of the evening.

Yesterday, I stayed over in a motel in Bend, Oregon. Upon my return to work, I was told to take two empty trailers to our Salem yard. After perusing the weather and road condition websites, I notified dispatch that I did not feel safe pulling two. I headed out with one trailer.

The difficulty with empty trailers stems from gravity not sucking them down to the road very well. They don't have very good traction to move forward and when braking, they can and will slide easily.

Snow packed and small, the mountain roads were no match for the locked differential and solo trailer, the truck beat the hill into submission in a hurry. My only issue stemmed from reduced visibility that comes along with blowing snow. I had not been down that particular road since October of 99 (back then, though, it wasn't snowing, and I was in a gas tanker).

My apprehensions with unknown routes has been addressed fairly well by a little GPS unit that runs through my cell phone/pda. The little 3-d moving map on the screen lets me know what the road is going to do ahead (which direction and how tight of a turn). It also tries to tell me where to turn (this works best if I've browsed it's routing ahead of time and know where it differs from the trucking route).

Anyway, about 40 miles up and over and through the snow. Then to the rain. Much rain. About five or ten miles from Salem, as the road ahead rose up and over a hill with a gentle right hand turn, I saw police lights up ahead a bit. A car was running along in front of me as we topped the hill.

At first, it looked to be a normal traffic stop, with the patrol car on the white fog line. I had long since taken my foot off of the throttle and was covering the brake, and now I also moved over to the left lane to go by the incident slowly. As I went down below forty or so, I simultaneously noted that the car was staying in the right lane and was slowing even more than I. I kept track of the car while trying to see what was going on with the cop.

I didn't see another vehicle in front of the cruiser, but then, visibility was very limited. Debris was coming into my view; it later turned out to be exploded fiberglass insulation or something like that. As the chunks took shape in the right lane, the car in the right lane decided to stop. The only problem was that they changed lanes to the left first. Stopped car directly in front of my direction of travel; very close in. Nice.

It happened in seconds (or less). I tapped the brakes, and the tell-tale feel of a sliding trailer (kind of a shudder accompanied by unusually poor slowing) caused me to check the mirror as I took my foot off of the brake. Yep, the trailer was going sideways and I was going to hit the car unless...

You can almost always steer around something easier than you can stop a semi... especially an empty one. To the left was a sharp drop to the median ditch. To my right, debris in the right lane and the police car on the shoulder. I did not see the officer so I chose that way. I think I missed the car by about a foot at about 30 miles an hour.

As I went to the inside, I saw the police officer waving like the top half of fevered jumping jacks. Screw the brakes, I turn back to the left and then to the right and coast to a stop on the shoulder.

In the end, nothing of note happened save for my wishing for convenient toilet paper and alleviating my need for caffeine for the next 5 hours. I still don't understand why his police car was on the shoulder with those blinding disco lights while the officer was standing 50 feet or so in front of his cruiser in the right hand lane.

That took quite a lot of text to describe, but the event only lasted about five seconds. Funny, my brain was thinking about each phase in the decision tree for quite a few minutes inside those few seconds.

I thank God that I am not one to take my hands off and scream. Also, that no one got hurt.

Hours, days, weeks, months of boredom; punctuated by short bursts of life or death decisions. Those that say this is easy are nuts (although, I've said that very thing). So be it.

Be Well.