Saturday, February 04, 2006

Okay, now I'm just showing off.

Between the end of our Love & Respect Marriage Seminar (really quite good) and heading out for a reunion with old friends, I was able to install a bunch more of our kitchen cabinet slide-out stuff.

For those of you planning to catalog the locations of stuff in our home for later stealthy and sinister removal, note that most of what is stored in this house is old tupperware and second hand cookware. Still, here are a few more photos to check out.

Under Counter StorageHere are six shelves for under the counter. You wouldn't believe all the stuff that had been hiding in back for 5 years.
Where we keep the Booze and Achy, Stuffy Head, So You Can Rest Medicine!Okay, so it isn't all old junk. We do have a small amount of booze way up high that now goes unseen until the drawer is pulled out. Nothing really good though.
Pots and Pans and LidsThis may be the best improvement. Think about it. When you pull out a pan, it doesn't set off a domino event inside the cabinet. You slide out the drawer and lift. Great for lazy folks like me.
New pantry pull-outs.  No I'm not done; 9 more to go in this section.And here are the first 3 of 12 pull-outs for the remainder of the pantry. The top left cabinet contains the chalkboard/can cubby that I built earlier.

Once I got a system going, it was easy; just squeeze a big fat guy with a cordless drill and a flashlight into a 9 by 13 inch opening again and again. The rest is history.

I can tell I'm no professional, though. I wore a really long shirt for the install stuff so no one had to stare at my crack.

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