Friday, January 20, 2006

Would anyone like to know why I don't drive a truck anymore?

FedEx was easy, and paid fairly well. There was the prestige of pulling triple trailers around the Pacific NW. I got to have my very own LONG LOAD sign. I could listen to 8 hours of xm right wing talk radio every day.
Rush,Medved,Hewitt,Prager,Hannity,Bennett,Ingraham,Snow and even Savage once in a blue moon. Why would I give all of that up (along with being on a first name basis with hotel desk clerks in several states)?

Well, that is a picture of my truck as I was ready to leave Boise one night two years ago. I turned the photo into Tshirt art. I got my truck from my good friend Everett, who passed away while on a layover hundreds of miles from home. OK, that took a toll, but...

Check this out:


This is your life. This is your life on trucks! Any questions?

The sacrifice is the job. Now I'm a mortgage broker.

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