Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vegas! If Cracker-Jack wrote a history book

Basia and I walked back the four blocks (2 and a half miles) from the party to our hotel on Saturday night. The whole way we weaved and dodged through a sea of desperate-yet-quiet (I think) hawkers trying to hand us prostitute's phone numbers (and photos of their prospective qualifications).

Vegas! and cracker jack. The box is pretty small but it is packed tightly, it has a bunch of nuts, and lots of stuff in there is sticky. ...and the prize inside doesn't thrill for long.

My psuedo-epiphanous history notion (which follows) came to me during that walk.

It seems that all of history's great moments are clearly landmarked, yet without (at least, appropriate) context. Almost without exception, the only real support offered for these monuments comes not from concrete and re-bar, but from that which resides just North of the underwire (or lack thereof). What a sad state; maybe that really is where we are, but it is just more visible there.

Is T & A really behind (no pun) all of History's great structures-events-times?

Maybe I could make the point better. Suffice to say, that prize was mine for a while long ago. I have a hard time watching all those people heading down the same hole I started down. But I thank God I didn't merge with the sewage after circling that drain.

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