Saturday, January 21, 2006

Somewhere down the page...Cheney Interview audio

Compliments RadioBlogger and Hugh Huwitt:

Radio Blogger

Well, I'm no techno geek either, but RadioBlogger didn't link properly to Hugh Hewitt's radio interview with VP Cheney. Just scroll down a mile or so, it is there.

Click on the audio for the mp3 file. I heard them live. Sure, Hugh didn't just scream Halliburton again and again (mostly directed almost softballs), but you get the impression that a very thoughtful and articulate man was answering.

I've liked Cheney since I saw him as SecDef in the first (or the beginning of the one) Gulf War in 91.

You can read the transcript, but the link to the audio provides the essential and wonderful inflection and vocal variety. Just listen. Trust ShallowVerb. Someone should.

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