Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Off the grid? On the Grid? Eh. What?


So, where have I gone? I've been at a "work" outing. I've been out of touch, in cognito, and getting some sleep.

This year, the company I work for had their Holiday party and pat-on-the-back session in Las Vegas.

Fun. Some. My wife is very pregnant; no drinking or thrill rides and I don't gamble much.

Aside from a pretty cool party at GameZone (the photo is blurry to match my head, my one 7 and 7 was mixed to private-party standards), the high point was seeing the musical Mamma Mia!

For those of you who are avid readers of my brother's blog; take a deep breath and relax. The music was made famous by Abba, not AbbaGav.

After waiting in line and then completing her task in the restroom, Basia hurriedly trudged back for the beginning of the second act. She had a fair amount of pain after moderate durations of seatedness, so when nothing happened on-stage for a few moments, she stood, turned around and conversed with some strangers who became friends for a while.

The second hand could not have gone more than 20 beats before--BAAAMMMMM!!-- the music started. Yes, it was music; but it was ferociously loud. The first notes jolted Basia about a foot in the air. I about choked to death laughing.

After the show, we found out that people as far back as five rows behind us thought the shock might send her into labor. They were really worried. Good show though. Don't throw out those polyester suits.

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