Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Non-Sequitized Football Fan

Right. I've been a Green Bay fan forever. I relate to the joke about the guy with the celebratory dog in the bar. Everytime the Pack gets a field goal, the dog does backflips before returning to his beer and pretzels.
Bartender: Flips for a field goal. Cool! What does he do for a touchdown?

Frustrated Dog Owner: I dunno, I've only had him 3 years.

I just finished watching an amazing college football game, the Rose Bowl. As a Cheesehead (and having family in Texas), I naturally picked the underdog (uh, that WAS Texas).

When Texas was down by 12 points in the 4th quarter and they didn't have the ball, I was resigned to their defeat. Of course, being a Green Bay fan, I kept watching. I was barely able to resist running outside with my shirt off in near freezing weather asking everyone for "ice-cold beer!"

I've got to give the Horns credit, their comeback rally at the end proved to me (at least) that they are champions.

I can barely wait until the equivocation starts, though.

    That forward fumble/toss/somethin in the first half; Young's knee was down, but it was not reviewed. That gave em 6 points.

    What about that penalty on the Horn's game winning drive; if the official hadn't seen the ever so slight face mask grab.

    And what of the Leinert bell-ringing ceremony in the second quarter; that was quite a hit.

The answer is that it was a game and both teams played with the same rules. Texas should be proud tonight. Very Proud...

Me...I'm just confused. You can actually win when I'm cheering for you? Huh.

Oh. Two more things. Yes, that is a picture of a very old Longhorns helmet (1962). It's all I could find at this time of night (besides, I'm that confused).

Also, I caught a quote from the story linked here and above. Ever playful Vince Young was misquoted to sound kinda like an arrogant ass. I heard the quote:

"It's so beautiful," Young said as he received the Rose Bowl MVP trophy for the
second straight year. "Don't you think that's beautiful? It's coming home all
the way to Austin, Texas." The reporter forgot to finish with a comic "BABY!"

I wonder why they dropped the one word that made the comment fun.


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