Saturday, January 21, 2006

No! IAEA won't add pressure to Iran? What?

I can't vouch for the source credibility, but I found a link from a blog. It's a pretty important (to me) story. Anyone heard of Well, follow the link and judge for yourself.
UN nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei, the has blocked EU moves to step up pressure on Tehran over Iran’s atomic programme.

On Thursday ElBaradei said Iran should be given until the end of next month to give International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors improved access to documents and sites.

Then this:
“ElBaradei has refused because he believes in due process,” one official told reporters. “He has said that the next report will be for the [regular] March 6 board and he can’t just advance that report.”

This just seems ludicrous. Due process. What the heck has been going on all this time. Now the seals are back off and I can hear ticking from multiple locations.

The way this is headed reminds me of a joke I heard probably 20 years ago. Thanks to Google and the Internet, I found it in a moment. It's a cute set up, but when you start swapping international figures and states into the joke's roles; not so much.

Why you need to Stop at a Stop Sign

An officer witnessed a car slow and cruise through a stop sign. The officer proceeded to pull the car over. The driver, very irate, asked why he was pulled over. The trooper calmly explained "Sir, you failed to come to a complete stop at the stop sign back there." "What does it matter," the driver yells, "I looked both ways and there was no-one around. I demand that you tell me why I should have to come to a complete stop." The trooper then reached into the vehicle and pulled the driver out. He started beating him over the head with his nightstick. After a few seconds, the trooper calmly asked the driver, "Tell me, would you like me to SLOW DOWN or COME TO A COMPLETE STOP?"

Here in the states, there isn't much I can't believe anymore. We've got confessed repeated child rapists receiving only 2 months in jail because the judge doesn't believe in punishing these criminals and the punishment gets in the way of treatment. Uh huh.

Days of miracles and wonder.

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