Saturday, January 21, 2006

My brother in A Million Geeky Pieces

If you want good writing, check out my bro at AbbaGav. One post in particular, had me laughing on the floor. He has an idea to write a satirical send up of that Oprah cry cry book alluded to in this post's title. Awesome.

He is not alone. Via Instapundit, comes a story from or something about a professor who thought he had a brilliant idea. Come to the end, and as it turns out, he and Gav are on the same wavelength. Give it a read. But the money pull for me was (it is on page two after you enter a zip code and a year):

Pluss plans to write up the whole experience in the form of a historical novel. That gave me an idea. I had just read "A Million Little Pieces," that bogus memoir of drug rehab by James Frey that became a million seller. If hanging out with a bunch of bored druggies makes for a best seller, how about hanging out with a wacky bunch of nutty neo-Nazis?

"I've got just one more question," I said to Pluss before he had to go. "Have you had your people contact Oprah?"

Wonderful. It will be like a blaze of reality TV. Not real, but portrayed that way?


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