Friday, January 20, 2006

More on (not Moron) cabinets

Also on the docket? Of course, you may have seen my post on the pull out pantry; well, I am constructing 27 more pull out shelves and the like to enhance our kitchen's livability. The big pull out thing has some changes. The front is now a chalkboard, and yes (gasp!) that is a picture of Ronald Reagan on the calendar.

Flame on for the calendar, not the carpentry, OK?

Anyway, I've also finished pullouts for our trash/shredding/recycling. Yeah. Am I ever storing up brownie points? Yeaah...

Look at my dovetail drawer production line here in the garage.

And here is a finished (yet to be sanded and stained) drawer.

Oh, and another thing... if you start a project like this and need drawer slides, try Man that saved me a lot of money ($300 cheaper than the Rockler store).

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