Friday, January 20, 2006

Dan Checkoway's RV-7 Project

Dan Checkoway's RV-7 Project
Click on the link and get a glimpse into one of my overtaking diversions. I dream almost non-stop about building my own airplane. Does that make me an idiot? Nah.

When you check Dan's website, the first thing you see is a picture of 5 different airplanes. Each of them came as nearly raw materials (much of it bent and pre-drilled). The passion and effort that goes into these creations is fantastic.

If you wonder how you do that, spend some time clicking around through Mr. Checkoway's site (he has thoroughly documented the process). If that sets the hook, then "Welcome Aboard!!!!"

Then check out

Also of note, if you look at my profile photo, you may notice a stunning resemblence in the airplane pictured on our shirts. The donor image for the photoshop extravaganza was an RV-8 out of Colorado. Beautiful

Oh, and here is a grainy shot of my little girl and me at the factory where they make those wonderful airplane kits:

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