Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cabinet decisions here in Oregon...

but not what you think.

If you remember in previous posts, I mentioned that I was constructing pull out drawers and bins for our kitchen cabinets. Well, on Friday, I assembled 27 different bins; two of them have plexiglas lids to keep the dust off of the crystal glasses and stemware.

Saturday, I sanded them down to where I could add polyurethane and the like. I also went and purchased the desired chemicals. Then today, (and here is the cabinet decision part) I took back the spray cans of polyurethane and got brush on stuff.

After some thought, and admission that I had precious few brain cells to waste on chemical highs, I decided not to poison myself with aerosols.

I was amazed how well my little girl did with the paint brush (with the sanding sealer). We got four drawers done in about an hour and she only doubled the time it would normally take. can be a big help.

If I can get some snaps of the work, I'll attach them on edit later.

Been busy, but to you soon.

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