Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alaska Airlines Fumbles; gets personal foul in the process

Hey, I just want to point you toward this. Then this (the second one is the biggy). Instapundit noticed it for me, and I am noticing it for you.

I am suddenly underwhelmed with the airline; we will be on board a similar aircraft (with the eskimo vertical stabilizer) tomorrow (oh, heck; today).

I strongly suspect nothing untoward will occur on our flight. It is practically guaranteed, using my brother's "newsworthy-flight-number" test. I won't reveal the flight number here, but it has been checked by experts.

Our whole family will be on the flight, so if the unthinkable happens (well, how would we know; but enough of that) could somebody who knows where we leave the spare key go and feed the dog for about 10 years.

Oh, heck, OK. Cats too.

The picture above is from a blog by Jeremy Hermanns. I don't mean to violate any copyright thingys, just posting low res for newsyness. Be Well.


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