Friday, December 30, 2005


Plame-gate begat an indictment (at long last, after years of filtered fecal extrusion). Serious leaks, thus, beget...what?

Now the MSM and Democrats can "Clearly not choose the cup in front of them."

My point: I don't think this means what they think it means.

Jess says happy hangover

Woo-hoo. I saw Jess's sunken eyes minutes before the office closed for the New Year's Weekend. It looked as if my co-worker had snuck into the headache closet a day or so early. Eh.

More than anything, I was just showing off my ability to post his picture to my blog in moments (from my cell phone).

His response: Underwhelmed. Do I need tape for my glasses?


Well, now I've got my mobile phone blogging instantly. I take the photo; I add text; and the technology that is indistinguishable from magic does the rest. Yay.

Now, I can blog about road kill or anything. Instantly. This is what the world needs.

And another thing

My pictures were also taken with a Treo 650. I did not have the white balance issues that Jeremy had.

I suspect he had the phone on night picture mode or something. Maybe that was to make it dramatic? Or just a goof.

We're not dead. Lightning did not strike twice

It took immeasurable bravery on our parts, but we boarded flight 415 anyway.
I actually appreciated the pilots holding us on the ground for a maintenance issue.
As we boarded, though I noticed Mensies (sp?) as the baggage/ground service contractor, I saw no wrinkled aluminum (save for the Coke can we later crushed; we got an early beverage due to the delay).

Don't worry, we fed the dog (and the cats). Thanks for your concern.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alaska Airlines Fumbles; gets personal foul in the process

Hey, I just want to point you toward this. Then this (the second one is the biggy). Instapundit noticed it for me, and I am noticing it for you.

I am suddenly underwhelmed with the airline; we will be on board a similar aircraft (with the eskimo vertical stabilizer) tomorrow (oh, heck; today).

I strongly suspect nothing untoward will occur on our flight. It is practically guaranteed, using my brother's "newsworthy-flight-number" test. I won't reveal the flight number here, but it has been checked by experts.

Our whole family will be on the flight, so if the unthinkable happens (well, how would we know; but enough of that) could somebody who knows where we leave the spare key go and feed the dog for about 10 years.

Oh, heck, OK. Cats too.

The picture above is from a blog by Jeremy Hermanns. I don't mean to violate any copyright thingys, just posting low res for newsyness. Be Well.