Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cindy Sheehan bus trip climax...

and the media's hopeful reporting make me chuckle. Via LGF, in the first paragraph of the article excerpted, notice the phrasing:

Three weeks after leaving their dusty outpost in Crawford, Tex., and
touring the country, several dozen families brought their antiwar message to the
U.S. Capitol and the White House. They plan to join thousands of protesters
Saturday at a march ...

Judging with a cynical eye, several usually means more than two, thus there were 25 families? Also, we know that if your entire family were killed off save for you, you would be your family; thus, one times 25 equals 25 people. Are you following me? OK. Well, that is close.

Mrs Sheehan was joined by about 30 supporters in her

Check the photos and see if the photojournalist or editor wanted us to know there were only 30 people. I notice right off that the dimensions of the pictures changes a fair bit and they are all focused tightly on the crowd.

So here is what I will begin assuming. If there are any articles about amazing protests, I will look at the photos and whichever photo shows the most people, I will take that for the amount of protesters. Doing otherwise would be placing trust where it doesn't belong.


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