Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Uncle Bill

My wife and I were rolling on the floor last night. We got an email from my favorite uncle, Bill. It was either just an attempt at dry dry humor or a sincere cry for help and attention.

He spent several paragraphs spelling out the duration and effect of a 2 hour rainstorm in Houston. Shortly thereafter was a step by step plan for how to get to and proctor an exam at the college where he teaches. From memory: Put tests in briefcase. Take briefcase and novel. Hand out exams. Sit.

His note was well written but was painful to read. I am almost positive that humor was his intent. Why can't they come up to visit more often, I miss the hard hitting interplay (it keeps my brain going).

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thinking about eating

I don't mean that I am just thinking about food, but rather, I have been giving alot of thought to why I eat what I eat, and when. Are those called triggers; I dunno. I have given the same effort to subjects that run nearly parallel (biting nails, impulsive spending, etc).

Am I a wreck, no. I am a thoughtful wreck. ...And one with a challenge on the table. I still don't know when we will begin racing to the baggy clothes dream, but I am on fire for that. I just wanna finish all that ice cream first. (I remember the glee with which I attacked my mom's cigarette stash 30 some years ago; she went cold turkey; food seems more complicated).

Anybody heard of a video game called dance dance revolution? Sounds like good exercise without the ubiquitous naked gay guy in the lockerroom (no link here). Not that there is anything wrong with that; like hell there isn't--ick.