Sunday, April 24, 2005

Three weeks and a challenge

Time flies, no matter what you are doing. I can't believe that it has been almost three weeks since I've jotted a thought down here and sent it scurrying down the wires to wherever this goes. Uh, enough of that.

I have been informed by my brother (who lives in the only middle eastern democracy that is not Iraq) that he has successfully located a scale (try pulling your gut out of the way; I bet your feet are there, too) and he is ready to start our charity-blog-diet.

I have now been given another reason to lose weight and get in shape. Some friends (I think they are, but you decide) have asked if I want to accompany them on a climb of Mt. Hood in June.

Yup. Just tipping the scale at 250 lbs, and I am out of breath when I run up the stairs carrying my two year old. ...MMMMMMight not be a good idea.

Heck, just keep me away from Kryptonite, I'll be ok.

Oh, and the update otherwise; still fat, sarcastic, and news addicted. Doctor says I swallow alot of aggression, along with alot of pizzas (John Candy; Stripes).



At Sun Apr 24, 04:06:00 PM, Blogger Gavriel said...

I tried the Kryptonite. You might like it. It's best fried.


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