Sunday, April 24, 2005

Three weeks and a challenge

Time flies, no matter what you are doing. I can't believe that it has been almost three weeks since I've jotted a thought down here and sent it scurrying down the wires to wherever this goes. Uh, enough of that.

I have been informed by my brother (who lives in the only middle eastern democracy that is not Iraq) that he has successfully located a scale (try pulling your gut out of the way; I bet your feet are there, too) and he is ready to start our charity-blog-diet.

I have now been given another reason to lose weight and get in shape. Some friends (I think they are, but you decide) have asked if I want to accompany them on a climb of Mt. Hood in June.

Yup. Just tipping the scale at 250 lbs, and I am out of breath when I run up the stairs carrying my two year old. ...MMMMMMight not be a good idea.

Heck, just keep me away from Kryptonite, I'll be ok.

Oh, and the update otherwise; still fat, sarcastic, and news addicted. Doctor says I swallow alot of aggression, along with alot of pizzas (John Candy; Stripes).


Saturday, April 02, 2005

NYT is the first business entity to pre-qualify for a Darwin Award

Well, let me get this on the table. I am no longer Catholic. I don't remember being Catholic (we were Lutheran before I could read; and pseudo Christian shortly after that), but I had immense respect for Pope John Paul II.

While I am in the blog confessional, I must also admit that I am no longer a reader of the New York Times. Actually, I have never intentionally been a reader of the Times. Oh, and I don't respect them at all.

Hugh Hewitt and InstaPundit have both pushed me to check Hindrocket's post about the NYT's response to the death of the Pontiff today.

For the record, my reasoning for not being Catholic and not reading NYT can be boiled down to the same statement. "The Veil has been Torn."
For my faith, that means that, at least metaphorically, the veil that seperates the masses from the Ark of the Covenant and God is gone. Through the sacrifice, death and ressurection of God's Son Jesus, my need for a human intercessor has been eliminated. My faith calls me to study and contemplate the scriptures for myself and to go directly to God through Christ in prayer. It gives me freedom and concurrent responsibility. Mind you, this is what I believe.

For the NYT, it is "the same thing only different," I have seen through their veil for a long time. It is so obvious that I don't even consider them anymore ("go to the light Carol Ann"), but this tears it.

If people can't see the bias in this from three miles away, maybe they need new multi-focal contacts or something.

The MSM has been quoting figures like "1.5 billion Catholic faithful" all over today. If 25% of the world population is of that faith, it seems to me that the NYT has no business (I wouldn't mind that, actually) calling itself main-stream.

Expletives considered but omitted...