Sunday, March 13, 2005

UAW makes an enemy of Marines?

Hat tip to Blackfive and now Drudge runs with the story from a (I think) smaller Detroit paper (automotive specialty; anyway). It appears that the UAW has decided to no longer allow Marine Resevists training nearby to park in their lot if they drive foreign cars or have Bush stickers on their cars. My guess is they alienate almost all of them; and me.

I have had union jobs and non union jobs. I hold no ill will toward those who conduct collective bargaining, but they seem to live in a world where tunnel vision is the norm. In one fell swoop, the Union will be twisting and turning to try to recharacterize their actions as noble and good. Bull... more catarwholing about made in the USA while the horse has already left and returned to the barn. Now that I drive a Honda minivan, it is made in Tennessee (again, I think) (but not by people who pay for the job and have the dues go without permission to the DNC and other causes).

In truth, I drive a chevy diesel pickup, my wife drives the minivan. Same same, my pickup had its engine designed from Isuzu roots. Can THEY defend that.

As the Iraq war has progressed, I have noticed a couple of signs and comments about this next comment but cannot accurately attribute it; it may be just common knowledge around the world. "Marines, no better friend, no worse enemy..." or something like that.

Off to the gym in the morning


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