Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Two days from a workout

Yep, I missed this morning. My wife said when the alarm went off at 430, I said something about running a credit report on the other guy, and because he didn't qualify, we didn't go to the gym. Dementia, tired, or another excuse. Hmmm...

Follow my nonexistant segue...

We were camping last weekend; sitting around the firepit trying to get our junk mail to burn as more than kindling (there is so much of it). Little Sarah had just nodded off in her bunk. Basia and I were watching some dude in a Ford Ranger (Lloyd) pulling a reasonably sized trailer running through the campground at breakneck (for a campground) speed going the wrong way. The first time, it was sort of amusing. After pausing to do who knows what, he started around again. Something inside me snapped.

My response was wholly unsatisfactory. I grabbed my flashlight and stood out in the little roadway like Freddie Krueger or something. When he stopped I interrogated him about whether he was lost or just nuts. He apologized; he had just purchased the trailer and was having difficulty backing up the trailer in the dark. I did not offer to help, even though I have precisely the kind of experience that could have relieved his distress.

It was not until later that I walked over to his campsite and apologized. Why is it that I can not seem to get my responses right at the right time. On days like that and in times like that, I make myself sick. My wife will attest, however, that I am mastering the art and timing of the apology. I guess that is progress.


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