Monday, March 07, 2005

Snooze bar loses today

Darned if I didn't get up before 5am and boogie over to workout.

Something called "bodypump"-- step aerobics with barbells? I tried it about two months ago as well, but that time I pretended I was superman to impress the 50 year old lady in back (but she was still doin' more weight). The morning after my first attempt, I awoke with no body, just pain. It must have been those lunges; how can that David guy do 5 classes a day (and why did I always have a note for PE in school).

For this attempt I figured that by using rediculously small weights on the barbells, I could kinda catch up rather than throw up. I rationalize it in two ways. First, I weigh over 250, who would I impress anyway (except for not having a coronary). Second and possibly more important, I am keeping in mind the concept of merging onto a freeway (there is a right way and a wrong way) (hint; impressing the 50 year old lady doesn't work there and it won't work here).

Fourteen hours later and I am still going. No shaking, no aching.


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