Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And now for something completely different

A totally new endeavor here. Thanks for reading, my intent in this space is to share my success and failure regarding my fitness motivation and execution. If I can express both what drives me to succeed and holds me back, it seems that I will better be able to affect change in my life.

At this point, might I thank Hugh Hewitt for his blog and his book by the same name (Blog). On the left hand side of his site and down a skosh is a link to If you took a peek at tri-geek when he was forty (but with a full head of hair) only weighing in at 260ish monstrous pounds, that might bear some resemblence to me.

So what do I have on my side? I've got a whole lot of toys and the like. Bikes, roller blades, jogger strollers, a dog to run or walk, and... We belong to a great health club that bears no resemblence to a meat-market; it even has a climbing wall. I always hated the gyms of my youth with the ubiquitous "naked guy" sauntering around the locker room all day dreaming of the cockpit in the movie "Airplane." I also hated the Chatties and the Cathies. Chatties are the already musclebound guys that do one set every twelve minutes; Cathies are the women who workout in makeup with absolutely no sweat and no resistance (and it slides easily under the bed). To be fair, though, I am the guy that many others hate.

Trigeek has mixed feelings. To him, I am the pseudo-athlete that made a bet with himself on New Years Day. I didn't start that day but am familiar with the sentiment. The day after my first "Body Pump" class, I walked like I had been taking meth in a gay bar (though that is not funny). Actually, I had trouble moving at all.

...But I had to go to work and pretend that I wasn't limping in every joint in my body. I placed things closer to myself so that no one would see me strain to extend my arm.

Enough of that, though. My plan is to get this whole thing started by doing some research on fitness and becoming my own test case. Wanna watch? well then, letsgogetwade. (check the double entendre) (that is actually two pretty funny stories) but let me get started. First thing, I am going to bed.


At Wed Feb 16, 10:40:00 PM, Blogger Priestess Of Nothing said...

Hi Wade!

Just wandering blogs and found yours and wanted to say Good for you! I look forward to watching your inevitable success!!!

I'm trying to lose weight too, though I'm much too antisocial for a gym (and I look like a pear with a rubber band around it in them thongy work out clothing things), so I just work out at home with the TV and walk 4 miles a day!

Hopefully we'll both have success stories! Good luck! Thanks for the inspiration! - Wendy


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