Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Always with the negative waves, Moriarity."

The quote is from the movie "Kelly's Heroes." Donald Sutherland was upset with pessimism.

Day 1 and I've already fallen flat (not pancake flat, though). This morning I woke up late, but still made it to my Bible Study. The missing piece there is exercise. I had planned to catapult from the bed at 5ish and take my bushy-tail to the gym. Dint happen. Lunch with my wife and daughter and I caught myself chowing down on chunks of the little one's hot dog and fries. I didn't need the extra calories. Why eat it? I don't know. It is frustrating.

Tonight, I plan to tighten the allen nuts on my bicycle handlebars and eliminate one more excuse.

We will be getting some exercise this weekend; a dumpster is going to be delivered to our home so we can chuck all of the stuff we haven't seen for a few years. Might need another dumpster.

On the good side, writing on this blog is cheering me up. I can stand and walk tall today because I am wearing my fingers to nubs. Seeya.


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