Monday, February 28, 2005

Just a quick one, so to speak

Will I go to the gym tomorrow? Heck, I don't know. I should; being Oregon, the rain has returned. We'll see.

So far, my efforts seem more in line with a train wreck or a big yawn; where is that motivational push that I feel is just over the horizon (hey, stupid! go over the horizon and get it). Yeah, I know.

My excuse continues to be that I am typing with one eye. ...but that didn't keep me from painfully going to work for the last several weeks.

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGeeeeeeeeeeetttttt Uuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppp!!!!!!

Anybody else feel like this sometimes? You lay in bed and conspire how in two minutes you will leap out of bed and exercise, but then it is suddenly two hours later. Maybe I suffer from unreal expectations, or I could just be a slug.

Crud, I gotta get this done (this is as tough of talk as I give myself in public).

I'll let you all know tomorrow.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Is a hard starting chain saw a rowing machine?

The gym itself is still eluding my schedule, however, we continue down the path to catching up with home maintenance. Five days of sunshine in Oregon were about to come to a close and the grass was patchy long. In my current state, I am going to count five and a half hours of yard work as a workout, (especially the chain saw; but it sure is fun once it starts).

But what the heck am I doing up at 3 o'clock in the morning? My eye is still giving me the screams. Anybody ever heard of episcleritis? My right eye is swollen in areas that I can't even see, so I can't look from side to side. The doctor put me on cortisone eyedrops, but after two weeks he switched to a cream. He said my eye wasn't staying in contact with the steroids for long enough; I told him I could go to a baseball game.

For Sunday, our rock climbing wall tradition is still on hold, as I have to work immediately after church. I miss going, there is something in it that helps my marriage. We belay each other, and it improves our trust in the relationship. (Reagan said, "Trust but verify"; I still look at her knots) (The first repel each time, I wonder if the rope will support me)

I mentioned my bike handlebars in an earlier post; got em tightened.

My wife's car is again a comfortable fit inside the garage (power tools on the inside, and the size of my truck prevent me from using my side). The dumpster is gone, but we are debating getting another so as to facilitate rebuilding our deck and chucking the gazebo that surrounds the hot tub (we have always hated that monstrosity).

Gotta go for now, thanks for the read.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Okay, you caught me

Right. I have not been going to the gym. I have, instead, been waking up screaming (almost). It seems my right eye wishes to torment me, so I am currently a slave to occasional double vision (without the tequila).

The 5 day purge spree provided us much exercise while being very therapeutic as well. In the time that "super dumpster" has been in our driveway, we have filled 8 cubic yards of it, sent a pickup truck of haz mat and old paint to the metropolitan waste transfer station, and sent another 6 mini-van loads full of old clothes and the like to Goodwill.

The house is like a breath of fresh air. We are noticing that the closets get colder faster now. There are even slight echoes down the hall. It feels great.

Now, let me just get back into the swing of exercise for exercise's sake.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Always with the negative waves, Moriarity."

The quote is from the movie "Kelly's Heroes." Donald Sutherland was upset with pessimism.

Day 1 and I've already fallen flat (not pancake flat, though). This morning I woke up late, but still made it to my Bible Study. The missing piece there is exercise. I had planned to catapult from the bed at 5ish and take my bushy-tail to the gym. Dint happen. Lunch with my wife and daughter and I caught myself chowing down on chunks of the little one's hot dog and fries. I didn't need the extra calories. Why eat it? I don't know. It is frustrating.

Tonight, I plan to tighten the allen nuts on my bicycle handlebars and eliminate one more excuse.

We will be getting some exercise this weekend; a dumpster is going to be delivered to our home so we can chuck all of the stuff we haven't seen for a few years. Might need another dumpster.

On the good side, writing on this blog is cheering me up. I can stand and walk tall today because I am wearing my fingers to nubs. Seeya.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

same caption as I meant to send last post when I goofed this up. This is all geek to me.

6 Months and twenty pounds ago, I have really added back that Atkins weight.

And now for something completely different

A totally new endeavor here. Thanks for reading, my intent in this space is to share my success and failure regarding my fitness motivation and execution. If I can express both what drives me to succeed and holds me back, it seems that I will better be able to affect change in my life.

At this point, might I thank Hugh Hewitt for his blog and his book by the same name (Blog). On the left hand side of his site and down a skosh is a link to If you took a peek at tri-geek when he was forty (but with a full head of hair) only weighing in at 260ish monstrous pounds, that might bear some resemblence to me.

So what do I have on my side? I've got a whole lot of toys and the like. Bikes, roller blades, jogger strollers, a dog to run or walk, and... We belong to a great health club that bears no resemblence to a meat-market; it even has a climbing wall. I always hated the gyms of my youth with the ubiquitous "naked guy" sauntering around the locker room all day dreaming of the cockpit in the movie "Airplane." I also hated the Chatties and the Cathies. Chatties are the already musclebound guys that do one set every twelve minutes; Cathies are the women who workout in makeup with absolutely no sweat and no resistance (and it slides easily under the bed). To be fair, though, I am the guy that many others hate.

Trigeek has mixed feelings. To him, I am the pseudo-athlete that made a bet with himself on New Years Day. I didn't start that day but am familiar with the sentiment. The day after my first "Body Pump" class, I walked like I had been taking meth in a gay bar (though that is not funny). Actually, I had trouble moving at all.

...But I had to go to work and pretend that I wasn't limping in every joint in my body. I placed things closer to myself so that no one would see me strain to extend my arm.

Enough of that, though. My plan is to get this whole thing started by doing some research on fitness and becoming my own test case. Wanna watch? well then, letsgogetwade. (check the double entendre) (that is actually two pretty funny stories) but let me get started. First thing, I am going to bed.