Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here is a new twist

Hat tip to Drudge.

Who says these guys don't listen. Now, in order to protest the Pope's quoting of the ancient guy about the violence saturated "religion of peace", they have hijacked an airliner and not hurt anyone.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Update: On Dennis Prager's show this morning, he corrected his take on the hijacking. I have not seen this elsewhere yet,but it looks like the hijackers may have been misunderstood. Apparently, they were Muslim converts to Christianity who were seeking asylum so as to remain warm blooded.

If true, we are back to square one.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

If only I'd had computers when I was three.

My daughter amazes me. She will be four next month, but she can already kick my butt at Five Acorns.

Five acorns can be found by heading through the games at yetisports.org.

The fact that a three year old can post scores of 3200 or so when the absolute high score online is near 4500 just stuns me.

Oh, and she has been practicing the same game for half of an hour already (while also playing with several toys).

Friday, June 23, 2006

And we are home

I asked the nurse if she would bring us a case of "outta-here" (I really did). She didn't get it; but we did! We got home five minutes ago.

Ethan's long term health looks good, though for a month or so, the bump on his back will be larger than when we started down this road. Despite that, the structures have been repaired and he should be a normal boy.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crossed eyes, fingers,...heck; crossed everything.

Tuesday, Ethan had a second surgery. This time to stem the flow of spinal fluid out of his previous incision.

The surgery went well, but it was a really hard day. To the very talented pediatric neurosurgeon and her staff, it was a touch up. We didn't hear that take on it until they took him to the operating room.

I called Basia at 7 in the morning, wondering if the CSF leak had improved or... her response was shaky... they were taking him to surgery again at 10. I made calls to friends and woke his big sister. Sarah had two slices of baloney and two slices of american cheese for breakfast and was off to a day with Mrs Loretta and Mr. Mike. I hustled out of the house so fast I forgot her blankey and I smelled quite awful. Fear sweat sucks.

I called for an update when I was fifteen minutes from the hospital. Basia told me that they were going to take him down in 10 minutes or so. While I did not speed excessively or drive aggressively; I can tell you that as long as there are elevators, fat men can run (a short way). I got to the room exhausted, wanting to touch my little boy's head, wanting to embrace my wife and just cry awhile. I got my chance, as the operating room was not available until nearly 11. We spent the time with tears and tenderness; wondering about his survival and wrestling with the balance between our desire and God's Will. In the end, Praise to God, it seems that they will coincide. Regardless, it was a tough morning; one that reminds me how blessed I am to be married to the absolute perfect woman for me. In our weakness we found strength, and today we found smiles.

Ethan--at eight weeks--smiled for the first time. We--after nine days in the hospital--encountered a very satisfied neurosurgeon, who spoke of our going home.

Thank God! and thank you for all your prayers and kind thoughts on the way.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More pic updates

This first shot is from a day or so after the surgery. The incision runs right up Ethan's spine from the top of his butt. That is his diaper there. The purple dot is a mark the surgeons use so they don't get incision creep (I think) (reminds me of the purple meat stamps of my youth) (ick).

And this shot is of the little guy getting his Tylenol 3 by mouth (again, Ick) (doesn't taste like Mom).

And of course, a couple of shots that make it look like Sarah learned to ride a bike here at the hospital. Gee whiz she is cute.

Pics from Ethan's first day here in the hospital

I spent the first night alone in the trailer. See, nobody else.

The next two show Basia holding Ethan at our pre surgery checkin.

Here we are waiting for the news. The surgery took 3+ hours. Well, the first one, anyway. In this picture, we were still expecting to be home in a couple of days (how naive).

Ethan update (another one)


It's been six days when we thought it would be two or three. We are fraying on the edges of sanity.

On Saturday, Ethan's incision began to leak Cerebral Spinal Fluid. The leak persisted; even subsequent to an extra stitch and the next day a tap to reduce the volume under his skin (I know I am not giving enough info, but...).

The flow didn't stop, so early this morning, the plan was changed. He had a second surgery at 11 am. His neurosurgeon was all smiles and accomplishment when we spoke to her after the surgery. We'll see, but we are hoping and praying for the best.

Wow. Live blogging from a hospital room. Neat, huh. The wonders of cellular technology (yes, you can use cell phones most places in a hospital now).

So, we are looking at getting out of the hospital in the next few days.

Let me say, FedEx is a great company. With one phone call, I have all the time I need to get this handled. It seems that most companies would do the same, but it is nice to have that kind of treatment (even though I'm still a 13 digit number).

Oh, and I'm employee of the month for my department in Portland for June (that was fast).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ethan is out of surgery

The surgeon had nothing but good news. Untethered, resected, untangled and still neurologically complete. Thanks to all for the prayers. More later

Ethan is out of surgery

The surgeon had nothing but good news. Untethered, resected, untangled and still neurologically complete. Thanks to all for the prayers. More later

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hospital Camping

As we prepared our 6 week old son (and our family) for the event that is SURGERY, we came upon a neat idea (though we weren't the first to think of it).

If we have to spend several days to a week at the hospital, why don't we take the travel trailer there and stay in that.

It makes sense because:

  • When Mom and Dad change shifts, there is no 22 mile drive.
  • Ethan's sister can be a part of the action rather than pawned off.
  • It is cheaper than a hotel.
  • We already have the trailer.
  • Food is cheaper in the trailer.
  • I've got a plug in to power the laptop.

As it turns out, our idea is not new. Other folks have been doing it so often that the hospital here in Portland has crafted four RV spaces for families of patients to use.

The surgery is at 7ish tomorrow morning (the 14th of June). I will try to post some results mid afternoon if I get a chance.